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What is Lanomax®?

Lanomax® is a cataract-dissolving eye drops for pets and animals.

How many times a day will I use Lanomax®?

The standard dosage is one or two drops, three times a day. However, the dosage is not limited to this, because Lanomax® does not include any preservatives. As a result, Lanomax® may be used more frequently than the standard usage if necessary.

How long does it take to see results with Lanomax®?

The amount of time it takes for Lanomax® to take effect and completely cure cataracts can vary widely, according to factors including the types of cataracts, the progression stage of the cataracts, the types of the animals, and so forth. However, most visible effects will begin to appear 6 weeks after initial use of Lanomax®.

Must I continue to use Lanomax® after the cataracts are completely cured?

No. You do not need to use Lanomax® after the cataracts are gone.

How long will one Lanomax® vial last?

If you treat one eye of a 20-kg dog using the standard dosage of one or two drops three times a day, one Lanomax® vial will last for about 3 weeks.

What's the shelflife of Lanomax®?

Lanomax® vials can be used for 30 days after opening, as long as the tip of the eyedropper doesn't touch your animal's lashes or skin and the vial is kept refrigerated. Most bacteria growth is inhibited at temperatures below 40 °F and above 140 °F. Refrigeration not only inhibits bacterial growth - it also helps maintain the stability of the drops and prevents them from degrading into other compounds. Unopened Lanomax® vials may be stored at room temperature for 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Does Lanomax® cause animals pain?

No. There is no pain to the animal when using Lanomax®. It is just like using artificial tears.

I have heard that lanosterol, the active ingredient of Lanomax®, is mainly effective when it is directly injected into the eye, and not in eye drops. Is this true?

Yes. This is because lanosterol has little solubility in water. To overcome the solubility issue, a recent breakthrough drug delivery system has been applied to Lanomax®. Lanomax® is not a simple lanosterol solution, but a drug delivery system based on lanosterol and hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin (HPßCD) complex. This system does not drip down and adheres to the cornea owing to its high viscosity. It delivers lanosterol into the cornea slowly and steadily. The Lanomax® system will take much more time to produce effects compared to the injection method. However, the injection is difficult to apply in practice and is expensive. Because these two methods ultimately result in the same cataract-dissolving effects when used over a period of time, you do not need to insist on using the injection method.

Are there any side-effects to using Lanomax®?

No. Lanosterol, the only active ingredient of Lanomax®, is an organic compound already present in animal and human crystalline eye lenses. It does not cause side-effects. The hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin (HPßCD), an inactive ingredient of Lanomax®, has already been approved by the FDA and has been used in drug-delivery systems in various types of eye drops. Because HPßCD transfers lanosterol into the cornea but cannot permeate cell membranes or the cornea owing to its large molecular weight, it does not cause side-effects. One Lanomax® vial includes 4 grams of HPßCD. For further details on HPßCD, review this document.

Does Lanomax® include preservatives?

No. Lanomax® has no preservatives. Therefore, after the Lanomax® vial is opened, you need to store it in a fridge. Do not touch the tip of the container to an eye or any other surface to avoid contamination. You must discard opened vials within a month.

Does Lanomax® include a phosphate or phosphate-buffered saline (PBS)?

No. Due to high customer demand, we have been producing Lanomax® without a phosphate or PBS since March 1, 2017.

Can I use Lanomax® for animals with diabetes?

Yes. All ingredients in Lanomax® induce no side-effects. Lanomax® can be still used for animals that have aging-related diseases, including diabetes.

I have used Lanomax® for my dog's cataracts for 6 weeks, but could not discern any visible effects. What's the problem?

The cataract-dissolving effects of Lanomax® are determined by various factors, but the most important one is the progression stage of the cataracts. If the cataract is at the terminal stage, it will need much more time – up to several months – to see results.

Should I have a prescription and veterinarian involved when using Lanomax®?

No. You may use Lanomax® without a prescription from a vet.

Is Lanomax® FDA-approved?

As an eye drop supplement for dogs and cats, Lanomax® is not directly regulated by the FDA, nor does it require a prescription to order. Lanomax® is in voluntary compliance with all applicable FDA regulations and is manufactured and bottled in an FDA-approved, certified-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Every ingredient in Lanomax® has been thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness.

Can I use Lanomax® for human cataracts?

No. Currently, Lanomax® can be used for pet cataracts only because it has not yet been approved for human cataracts by the FDA. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate exactly when Lanomax® will be available for use on human cataracts.

Can I place orders outside the U.S.?

Yes. We can currently ship Lanomax® to most countries.

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