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"OK so my dog has severe cataracts and was basically blind. I bought the Lanomax about 2 weeks ago and it arrived in about 5 days. So after a full week of 2 drops/3x daily I do see some marginal improvement in the eye. My hope is to see continued improvement over the next week then it will be time for another bottle of Lanomax."

By phxs585 on June 10, 2017

"Must be a good product but one bottle is not enough to resolve the problem."

By Foca Monaca on May 23, 2017

"My 13 year old poodle eyes are clearer and clearer."

By Page A. Leindecker on May 22, 2017

"I think that Lanomax helps with cataracts but not significantly or very rapidly."

By Robert Friedberg on May 20, 2017

"We have used about 80% of our first purchase of Lanomax, and the jury is still out. However, we think that there has been a slight improvement... so we are encouraged enough to order a second bottle and continue the regimen. News at eleven."

By Ross A Swanson on May 15, 2017

"My dog is 9 years old. He has had cataracts in both eyes since January this year. I started the Lanomax treatment 4 weeks ago and he's starting to see something. I am very optimistic about using Lanomax. My dog had no bad reaction with the use of eye drops. This week I'll start the second glass. Lanomax is really very good! Sorry for my mistakes because I'm using the translator. thanks."

By Amazon Customer on May 15, 2017

"My mini poodle is 16 yrs old. He was walking into walls. Now on the second bottle of Lanomax, some improvements in the left eye. Know he is now seeing movement, not sure how much and is no longer walking into walls. Will do one more bottle. One bottle last about 3 weeks."

By Amazon Customer on April 29, 2017

"Post the package insert photo with the product picture: all excipients including pH buffer if any, how many milliosmols/kg. One might do one eye to clearance, then the other eye. Claimed hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextran is excreted through the kidneys after it drains from the eye. One might be patient and go easy on kidney loading. That lanosterol is extremely insoluble in water argues against loading it past the cornea into the aqueous faster than it can diffuse into the bag holding the lens behind the pupil. One might apply it just before retiring because aqueous drainage decreases during sleep. That said, Lanomax clears common cataracts. Diabetic cataracts may be less successful. Lanomax is designated for veterinary use only."

By Uncle Al on April 15, 2017

"So far so good. My dog can now see shadows and her eyes are clearing a bit. It's too early to tell if it will completely clear the cataracts, but anything is better than what it was. It should be noted that this is not for dogs with eye problems related to diabetes or injury... this is simply for normal age related cataracts."

By JP on April 9, 2017

"Fabulous effect !!!"

By Anne-Catherine Donie on April 6, 2017

"At first I was a bit skeptical however after making it through the first bottle I noticed substantial decrease in the cloudiness of my dogs eyes. He is not running into things like he has before. My dog has diabetes and the cataracts came on quickly after a bout with high sugar. I have ordered another bottle hoping to clear up the rest of the cloudiness."

By sprenger on March 31, 2017

"Very good."

By Calin Poraicu on March 25, 2017

"My dog has 1 eye, and the cataract was so bad that she could not see me until I had my hands in her face. I treated with 1 drop 3x day for 6+ weeks. This is 2 bottles of drops. Now she can see me 3 to 5 feet away, and she is NOT running into things as much. If I could afford more drops, I would try another bottle to see if her vision improves more. Do not expect results in the first week or two. The changes are gradual and subtle. As the manufacturer states, the drops do not necessarily work for all cataracts, that the results achieved are not perfect but better, and that more research needs to be had. Tip - eyedrops drain into the tear duct, so gently put a finger over the tear duct for a minute to let the medicine stay in place."

By 172 on March 6, 2017

"My 13 year old dog was blind from cataracts. After 1 week I could see a slight improvement. Three weeks in there was a definite reduction in opacity.. We are at 6 weeks and she is able to see enough to get around on her own."

By Carol Fox on February 23, 2017

"My 11 yr. old Lab developed cloudiness and early cataract due to diabetes. Surgery is not always the best option for older dogs but wanted to help improve his vision. He has been on the drops for 3 weeks and his eyes appear clearer. The drops are very moisturizing which help decrease the itchy feeling usually associated with cataracts. He is happy, more active and appears to be reacting well to the drops. We will keep using for the full 6 weeks in hopes that his vision is restored! So glad this could be an option and safe for a diabetic dog."

By Deborah Martin on February 14, 2017

"He is 15 years old. One of his eyes got acute glaucoma now so he can't see anything but after i've used the other one for 2 weeks, i feel it's better and better. Not 100% clearly but it seems i can see his pupil. I ordered 2 more with big hope."

By Namwi Ko on February 13, 2017

"Amazing product. I could see some small difference in the density of the cataract after the first week. We are now in week three and there is a significant improvement. Dog can see some now and is becoming active again exploring the house and yard."

By Carol Fox on January 18, 2017

"I live in Brazil, my mixed breed dog is nine years old. In May 2016, he had his opaque eyes, and was diagnosed with cataracts. In September 2016 I started to apply lanomax, and in eight weeks one of his eyes was clean, and the other had only a few fragments of the cataract, as if it were gradually dissolving. My dog had no adverse reaction when using the product. And we noticed that after a few weeks of using lanomax, He started to hunt small flying insects. The veterinarian attending my dog was surprised to examine him after using lanomax, since he had been foreseen two paths for him: surgery, with risks due to age, or future blindness. I'm using a translator, please excuse me for any errors in writing."

By d'Angelo on December 11, 2016

"Still in the process of administering the drops on my second bottle PJ seems to be a little better sight wise but not really sure will finish the 3rd bottle then give a result. Giving the drops at least 3 times per day 4 to 6 times on off days of course hoping for the best!!"

By James Christ on November 2, 2016

"After four weeks of curing (3-4 drops per day) we have noticed some visibility improvement. Drops are using on human with very mature cataract on one eye. We have not observer any negative interaction while curing. For sure there are only some small crystallized sediments."

By rtpxff on October 28, 2016

"I live in Brazil, I am using a translator from the Internet, forgive me for any incorrectness in writing. I have applied Lanomax on my dog for six weeks. Today he was examined by the veterinarian, and was observed improvement in cataract, which was divided into several fragments. My dog did not show any adverse reaction to eye drops."

By d'Angelo on October 22, 2016

"I am using Lanomax to see if we can dissolve the cataracts in my dogs eyes. I DON'T really see any improvement yet, but will continue using it. It is better than $5000 surgery at this point. Seems to be the only product that is supposed to help. Shipping an everything else was excellent."

By Amazon Customer on October 10, 2016

"I was so pleased to finally be able to buy eye drops with Lanosterol for our dog having read all about the successful trials. Our Border terrier who has had bad Cataracts for a few years has shown dramatic improvement. The course of just one bottle, as that is all we have been able to purchase, has definitely reduced the cataracts and has had no side effects. We have been trying to purchase another bottle to continue the treatment, and are deeply disappointed to find they have been made unavailable. As soon as they are available again we will be purchasing a bottle."

By Amazon Customer on September 15, 2016

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