Lanomax 10mL

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  • Active Ingredients: Lanosterol 50mg (5mg/mL), ThruDelivery System
  • Inactive Ingredients: 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, Purified Water (USP-NF)
  • No Phosphate or PBS
  • No Preservatives

Lanomax can cure cataracts in the form of eye drops alone; no injections are necessary

Lanomax uses an innovative drug delivery system built on the latest advanced nanotechnology, called ThruDelivery, to deliver lanosterol molecules into the crystalline lens without an injection. This system separates the lanosterol molecules from the carriers in the carrier-lanosterol complex attached to the corneal surface, and then quickly passes them through the cornea, anterior, iris and pupil to deliver them into the crystalline lens. It is because of this ThruDelivery system that Lanomax is the only eye drop on the planet to show a real therapeutic effect on cataracts.

We discovered this ThruDelivery system by fortuitous chance in the winter of 2015, and have decided not to disclose its secrets to the world by way of patents or articles. It's like Coca-Cola's manufacturing know-how. Currently, this amazing lanosterol delivery system is only found in Lanomax eye drops. However, please be advised that we cannot inadvertently include information about this system in the ingredients table of Lanomax.

Directions: Use one or two drops three times a day, or as directed by a pet doctor.

Warnings: Do not touch the tip of container to any surface to avoid contamination. Do not touch unit-dose tip to eye. Once a vial is open, keep it in a fridge, but do not freeze. Discard open vials within a month. If kept out of the sunlight, unopened vials may be stored at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

FAQ – Shipping Options

Will there be any problem with customs clearance when ordering Lanomax from overseas?

If you order Lanomax from overseas, you may experience problems in customs clearance, such as a delay in clearance or, in rare cases, no clearance. The main countries that have this problem are Germany, Australia, Italy, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico, where imports of Lanomax are restricted to doctors and/or companies that are permitted to import medicines. We have a Discreet Shipping service for customers who are concerned about potential customs clearance issues.

What is the 'Discreet Shipping' service?

If you choose 'Discreet Shipping' when ordering Lanomax, you will receive vials containing Lanomax eye drops, but there will be no identifying labels on the vials, no included product instructions, or any labeled product cases. In addition, the invoice will list the product name as 'Supplements for Dog Health' and the price of each item will be declared as $9.99. If you want fast and secure customs clearance in your country, please choose this special service.

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